Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Treats

Well, it's back to work today after a glorious 3 day weekend spent at home crafting and cooking. It's rare to have an entire weekend at home as my son usually has us running all over for hockey, but that's over now and it's another week or so before his spring sports start up. Between work and sports I never seem to have enough time to play myself so I do my best to squeeze it in when I can.

And the only thing I enjoy more than playing in my craft room is playing in my kitchen (although crafting is better for my waist line!!). I like to bake on Sundays so we have goodies through the week, but they don't always last that long! These cinnamon buns were made by special request of my son. The chocolate macaroons weren't a big hit around here so you know what that means...they are headed to the office.

Have a super Monday!

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