Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recent Thrifty Finds & Lamp Revamp


I went out garage saling Saturday morning and must have hit 8 or 10 houses without finding anything good. All I bought were these three books from one seller for $3. Believe me, the last thing I need are any more books. I must have 50 stacked up beside the bed. For real.

I decided to call it a day but on my way home I stopped at another sale where I found some good stuff! This canner was only 50 cents!

These turquoise glasses were also 50 cents (for 8 of them!) And are my favourite find of the day.

Some vintage linens, also 50 cents each. I will use the table cloth and brown and white pillow cases. I think I will make linen napkins with the other set of pillow cases.

I also grabbed this watering container for 25 cents. These always come in handy.


Here's another favourite from the week. A vintage waste paper basket I found at Value Village for $4. Our son had a lacrosse practice nearby and I *introduced* my husband to VV on Friday night ;).

Oh, and a couple of frames picked up last weekend. $2 for a large frame still in it's package and $3 for a shadow box.

And finally, my lamps. I saw these guys for $5 each and looked them over. As I was driving away I thought they might work for our bedside tables, if painted. I've been looking for lamps for a while. However, I want something silver or glass, and definitely not want wicker shades, but I haven't been able to find anything I really *love*. Remembering that I have metallic spray paint I turned around and went back to get them.

Here they are after meeting a can of Krylon Brushed Metallic in Aluminum, and with a couple of new shades to top them off before heading to our bedroom. (And here's one more peek of my blue cabinet I recently finished tee hee).

Here's the before again:

And in their new home:

(check out my 50 cent pillow cases!)

I'm pleased with how they turned out, a big improvement over what we had before and these will work great until I can find the perfect lamps. Or, maybe I will just keep them! (Oh, and I told you I had a few books stacked up!) Anyone else have that problem...buying them faster than you can read them?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Blue Cabinet

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I picked up this little cabinet off Kijiji in February. It was my first Kijiji purchase ever and the guy was creepy and a bit of a hoarder. I was happy to have my hubby with meI seriously could have disappeared forever in that place.

Anyways, 4 months later and I finally painted it and changed out the hardware. It took me THAT long to build up the energy to paint again after this experience. I don't know how the furniture bloggers do it so frequently and so well.

I also spray painted the hinges. I intended to distress it (and still might) but for now am happy with it as is. It fits perfectly on a little staircase wall and we will use it to store our platters and serving ware, stuff we don't use every day. It will also be nice to have a little display space on the top, although I am not sure what to put there yet. I'll have to be on the lookout at the garage sales!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tim Holts Word Keys Project

Hey there,

I bought a pack of Tim Holtz Word Keys ages ago...not because I loved the words so much, more the shape of some of the keys. I actually spray painted these last month but only now got around to finishing this project.

The shadow box frame is from Ikea and I have photo'd without the glass in order to avoid the glare. Hope you likey!

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