Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Scales


Popping in to share these scales I found at an antique sale. I couldn't believe my luck when I found two in the same day, at the same sale, and even the same type (Chicago made Way-Rite). My vintage lovin' pal Char and I have been on the lookout for scales during our thrifty travels and never come across them.

I found the green one first for $8 and shortly after stumbled across the white one for $22. I was madly texting Char and sending pictures on the iPhone to see if she wanted the white one, but couldn't reach her. I took a chance and grabbed it anyways.

In the end we decided the green one was better suited to her kitchen and the white one to mine, although we were both happy with either. They are a little beat up but my husband tested each with a pound of butter and said they are both spot on. Not that I bought them to actually weigh anything!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travertine Tile Coasters


With summer over and the fall routine in full swing I've been finding my way back to the craft room, and it feels great! I've started some Christmas projects already. One gift I plan to give is homemade coasters. I tried my hand at these once before with paper, but this time I tried stamping directly on the tile and really like the results.

A google image search had led me here and I love the ones she created. In fact I plan to borrow that stamp from Char so I can case those. I drew my inspiration from them.

I didn't use embossing powder as it's too messy for me, but I did "bake" in my oven to heat seat. I then applied 3 coats of acrylic sealer, which gave it a nice smooth finish. I also cut out some cork circles with the smallest circle nestie and glued to the under side. The stamps are Hero Arts Old Letter Writing and the butterfly is from Three Artistic Butterflies.

I only made one coaster, as a test, but also as a gift for a co-worker. I had a coffee at her desk the other day and she gave me a Kleenex as a "coaster" so I will take this in for her.

I can't wait to make some sets for Christmas gifts. This is a very easy craft to do, just my type!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Martha-ish Mistint

I bought this little hall table a while ago off Kijiji for $20...which is about $10 more than I would have like to have paid for it. But it was the perfect size for a little niche in our upstairs hall and I had been looking for a while, so $20 it was. Here's the before:

I knew I wanted to paint the table green but couldn't justify buying a quart of paint for a single project so it sat. Last weekend I was at Home Depot with my hubby and found this mistint for $3! (It was unopened, the dribble is courtesy of me).

I'll admit I wasn't *in love* with the colour but for $3 I was happy enough. I was very pleasantly surprised after two coats and am now absolutely smitten. I think it turned out super cute and the sea foam green brings a bit of Martha in my house. I added a little glass knob as a finishing touch.

The total cost of the project was less than $30 and it's exactly what I wanted for the space.


I added an ironstone pitcher I found at an antiques and collectible sale this weekend for $6. It has some lovely detail on and around the handle.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hello there 

Popping in to share a little 6x6 canvas I made my niece for her 16th birthday a few weeks ago. Just used some supplies I had on hand and the cut the butterfly with my Cricut.

Not much to it but worked for a quick and easy gift.

Thanks for peeking.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Outdoor Bakers Rack

July 31st and the summer is half over already. Just like that. And it's been a great one so far. Lots of time with family and friends, incredible weather, a mountain getaway, lazy weekends at home, thrifting and projects...I couldn't ask for more, really.

But I never seem to find the time to blog what I get up to. However, this recent project of mine is a current favourite so I wanted to be sure to share.

I've really been enjoying my container gardening this summer and even planted a few perennials. Although we have a garden shed in the back yard to house everything, I decided a potting bench would be nice. We have a walk out basement and an under utilized 12 x 18 patio that I decided would be a good place for it. But nothing turned up on kijiji.

What did turn up was this bakers rack. At 3 feet wide and with no glass I knew it would fill the space I had in mind perfectly. And at $35 it was reasonably priced. It's very solid too. I've seen a few of these online used outdoors.

A before shot of the space as a whole, not very pretty and like I said under utilized.

Here is the bakers rack freshly spray painted and ready to hold all my stuff. But before I decorated I decided to spruce up the space a little too. I found some funky Martha Stewart pillows (the smaller ones) on clearance for $8.50 each and an outdoor rug for $14.44 for the seating area.

And here are a few shots with some potting stuff on the bakers rack.

I love how the gardening tools sit nicely on the wine rack.

Some thrifty items on here:

Galvanized tub for my potting soil, $2 garage sale find
Galvanized vases 25 cents each, garage sale find
Terracotta pots 27 cents each at our local greenhouse
(And everything else I had on hand)

Here's the entire space, it's a little more welcoming now.

Do you see that planter? That might be the most thrifty item of all since it was FREE. My office hosted a lunch time gardening session in June where they supplied all the plants and flowers to make a large planter.

Love it.

But I wasn't so sure I loved the bakers rack all junked up with the potting stuff. I think it can also be used as an outdoor space for drinks and snacks (lots of people do this from what I saw online). The tub would be great with ice for canned beverages and there is lots of shelf space for snacks, dishes, etc.

I still think I like it better as a potting bench.

So there's my bakers rack redo. I think I spent about $90 with the spray paint to revive the space. And the best part is we have been using it. It's been incredibly hot this weekend and this seems to be the best outdoor space to keep cool.

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Thrifting in the Mountains! With Jake!

We went on a little vaca in the mountains two weeks ago. My husband was working so I was flying solo with my 15 year old, Jake, and his friend Patrick. The boys golfed every day so I had lots of time to read and relax, not a bad deal.

I did not even have thrifting on the brain but saw a sign that the local Lions Club were having a big garage sale on the Saturday morning. Jake asked if I thought they would have any golf clubs. He hadn't played since the summer before and we hadn't realized he had outgrown his junior set. We were in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC and the place is a mecca for golf (the resort we were at had three courses alone, plus countless others within a short drive). Seriously, if anywhere was to have golf clubs it was there.

So my son got up with me bright and early while Patrick slept and we hit the sale. Within minutes Jake worked out a deal with one of the volunteers for a set of clubs for $10. TEN DOLLARS!! For an entire set of clubs including a great bag with a stand. He was pretty pleased with himself. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;). Here's a shot from the iPhone.

And I managed to find something myself for $10. This glass and iron shelving unit. I knew this thing had promise.

But it didn't *quite* fit into my Honda Civic (especially with the third bag of golf clubs!). But I was determined to bring it home and for the entire 3 hour highway drive it stayed securely up top thanks to the 100 feet of rope I picked up at the hardware store and the Mexican blanket I always keep in my trunk, along with some strategic rope tying.

The boys thought I was NUTS. I suppose I am. But look at how this thing prettied up with a can of Krylon Fusion Hammered Finish spray paint.

It was absolutely worth the time it took to mount it to my roof and the stressful drive home worrying if it was staying secure. And the fact that the drivers behind me left lots and lots of room was A-OKAY too. Kidding. I tied that sucker so tight it didn't even BUDGE.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recent Thrifty Finds & Lamp Revamp


I went out garage saling Saturday morning and must have hit 8 or 10 houses without finding anything good. All I bought were these three books from one seller for $3. Believe me, the last thing I need are any more books. I must have 50 stacked up beside the bed. For real.

I decided to call it a day but on my way home I stopped at another sale where I found some good stuff! This canner was only 50 cents!

These turquoise glasses were also 50 cents (for 8 of them!) And are my favourite find of the day.

Some vintage linens, also 50 cents each. I will use the table cloth and brown and white pillow cases. I think I will make linen napkins with the other set of pillow cases.

I also grabbed this watering container for 25 cents. These always come in handy.


Here's another favourite from the week. A vintage waste paper basket I found at Value Village for $4. Our son had a lacrosse practice nearby and I *introduced* my husband to VV on Friday night ;).

Oh, and a couple of frames picked up last weekend. $2 for a large frame still in it's package and $3 for a shadow box.

And finally, my lamps. I saw these guys for $5 each and looked them over. As I was driving away I thought they might work for our bedside tables, if painted. I've been looking for lamps for a while. However, I want something silver or glass, and definitely not want wicker shades, but I haven't been able to find anything I really *love*. Remembering that I have metallic spray paint I turned around and went back to get them.

Here they are after meeting a can of Krylon Brushed Metallic in Aluminum, and with a couple of new shades to top them off before heading to our bedroom. (And here's one more peek of my blue cabinet I recently finished tee hee).

Here's the before again:

And in their new home:

(check out my 50 cent pillow cases!)

I'm pleased with how they turned out, a big improvement over what we had before and these will work great until I can find the perfect lamps. Or, maybe I will just keep them! (Oh, and I told you I had a few books stacked up!) Anyone else have that problem...buying them faster than you can read them?

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