Friday, June 5, 2009

Blueberry Mini Tarts

Despite the fact that it is snowing out right now and not looking good for tomorrow, we are going to a lobster party tomorrow. I had planned on bringing a fruit pizza on shortbread crust but due to the weather today I didn't get to the grocery store. I had to come up with something with ingredients I had on hand. I had pastry for a half a pie crust in the freezer and some fresh blueberries. These are what I made:

I was only able to get 16 tarts from my pastry so had to do the rest with ready-made Tenderflake. I have never made fruit tarts before and was a little too generous with the filling, as you can see in the "after" picture below. Oh, and this handy device was awesome to use. I didn't even have to roll out my pastry...just formed it into balls and squashed each with the tool. The filling is simply blueberries tossed in sugar, cornstarch, and lemon juice (exact filling recipe here). Easy peasey!

And yes, there ARE a few missing in the after picture ;) Soooo yummy.

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  1. Mike said he wants another of these tarts....right now!! Dang I didn't try one!

  2. Next time I have fresh blueberries, I'm going to make these :)