Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Guys dig PW!!

I have been trying out recipes from the Pioneer Woman Cooks for a while now and my guys love it. I think it is so funny that a 13 year old boy from Calgary even knows who the Pioneer Woman is. But then his mother does spend way too much time on the Internet!

My husband has always raved over my lasagna recipe and shook his head when I wanted to try PWs. I've never made mine since...hers really is the best lasagna recipe ever. Here's a shot of Doug making it the last time we had it.

When I heard about her cookbook I immediately pre-ordered. When I came home from work this past Wednesday these two lovely boxes awaited me:

The box from Amazon contained the cookbook and the box below is a food processor I had ordered from Airmiles. It felt like Christmas!! And the kitchen Gods must have coordinated these items to arrive together...ha ha.

We have all been drooling over this beautiful cookbook, even Jake. On Saturday morning he made his first PW recipe Patsy's Cobbler. He substituted mixed fruit for blackberries and it was fantastic.

Thank you PW! If I work this right I might get these guys cooking ALL the time. Kidding! I love trying my own hand at these fabulous recipes.

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  1. How fun is that! You forgot to mention how incredibly generous you were buying me and Lorna our very own copies of PW's cookbook. Hey....where's my food processor??!! LOL.