Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hockey Thanks

We had the wind up party for my son's hockey team today. Although they fell short in the final and ended up coming in second for the city championships, the boys had a great season. Overall, I enjoyed managing the team even though it kept me away from the craft room a little too often. I thought I would share the items I made for the party today.

Here are the photo book souvieners I put together for each player using my Yourstory machine. I am happy with how they turned out. I have made scrapbook style books in the past for Jake's teams, but my husband and son told me the boys are getting a bit too old for that now, so I did these instead. I am really happy with how polished looking they turned out. One of the parents asked if I had ordered them!

These are the cards I made for the two head coaches. One of the coaches wife has a Cricut and is a scrapbooker so I'm sure she'll like it even if he doesn't. ha ha. I used the sportsmania cart.

We had three assistant coaches who I made these quick cards for in our team colours.

These are the thank you cards made for key volunteers on the team such as treasurer, score keepers, jersey managers, etc. All PTI products excepts for the sentiment.

And this last one was for fun for a friend on the team who is just as crazy a hockey mom as me. She also did a lot for the team this season.

How fun for me to combine two things I love...crafting and hockey. Although I'm happy to say there will be more crafting and less hockey coming up!!


  1. Love them all, but especially the cool leaf-covered thank you cards ... the buttons are the perfect touch.