Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Garage Sale Shopping!

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Please bear with me....I promise to post something crafty again soon but I really wanted to share my garage sale finds from this weekend. Char and I headed out bright and early (well, maybe not bright as it was grey and snowing!) this morning. Due to the weather we didn't find as many sales as we had hoped and decided to hit a couple of thrift stores. The picture below is of my "goods" from the day.

Not pictured is the golf umbrella I got for Jake and two cast iron planters I picked up for my sister for $5 each. Or should I say my husband picked up as those suckers are heavy! I found the same planters on Canadian Tire website for $80 each new. This pic is from the website.

So, all in all a pretty successful shopping day. I did find the thrift stores much more expensive than typical garage sales but with higher prices also comes better selection. My favourite finds of the day...the iron planter holder, vintage bag (thanks Char!), and umbrella.

Well, thanks for visiting and checking out my junk! I hope you are having a good weekend and that it is not snowing where you are.

Item details:
From top to bottom and left to right: wrought iron planter holder ($3), 9 foot market umbrella on hardwood frame (we really needed one for our deck but I haven't want to spend $50+ on that!!) ($5), stand up paper holder thingies (plan to use for packs of PTI CS) ($1), doilies ($1) wooden hangers ($2), vintage carry on bag that Char spotted but kindly let me buy) ($6), potato masher ($.50), diner-style sugar shaker ($.50), cooling racks ($1), wicker basket with handles ($3), drum lamp shade (oh, I have big plans for this) ($6), vintage Pyrex bowl ($.50), Pampered Chef batter bowl ($.50) and 2000 straight pins with ivory heads ($4).


  1. omg!!! i can't wait to get those planters, I LOVE THEM... they are going to look fabulous! best find ever!! thanks :)

  2. sweetness....nice Haul....I'm all over this when I come to Calgary next year.....

    I cannot beleive you have snow....we have 40 degrees..blah

  3. You got some good stuff there. I love that stripey shade!

  4. Cool finds! I can not believe SNOW! yiker doodles!
    smiles, alice

  5. that was an awesome deal on those iron planters! Luv that window box too! HAPPY NTT!


  6. What great junk! I love everything you found and have to commend you for braving the weather. It's hard to envision snow, when we're having perfect beach weather here.

  7. Following from Coastal Charm! Love those planters!! You did get some great "thrifty" items. Don't you just love a bargain????

  8. Gotta love it when we find major bargains, don't we? Love those urns, that's for sure!
    :-) Sue

  9. ok, that's it, I'm coming to Calgary to go garage saleing with you!