Monday, September 6, 2010

Well, hello there!

It's Labour Day and for me, this final long weekend marked the end of summer. It wasn't the greatest summer on record but I did manage to get away twice and enjoyed the break from the school and sports routine that is our life 10 months of the year. Now, it seems, we are right back at it.

I wish I had something crafty to share with you but the truth is I spent my weekend in the kitchen instead of the craft room. After weeks of BBQ-ing It felt great to cook, and the freezer is well on the way to being stocked with some frozen meals and baked goodness.

I thought I would share some fun cookies I made today. Oatmeal sandwiches with oreo filling. YUM!

I love it when there are cookies in the cookie jar!

I hope you had a fantastic long weekend and thanks for popping in. I really do hope to be back with something crafty soon!!


  1. you're baaaaaack..misssed you..yummy...i echo what dee said...I live right next door

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!! I bet those would be good dunked in a timmies coffee. So are we sharing the recipe for these delicious looking beauties?

  3. oh those just look Yummy!! Would love to have the recipe for these too :-)