Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recent Thrifty Finds & Lamp Revamp


I went out garage saling Saturday morning and must have hit 8 or 10 houses without finding anything good. All I bought were these three books from one seller for $3. Believe me, the last thing I need are any more books. I must have 50 stacked up beside the bed. For real.

I decided to call it a day but on my way home I stopped at another sale where I found some good stuff! This canner was only 50 cents!

These turquoise glasses were also 50 cents (for 8 of them!) And are my favourite find of the day.

Some vintage linens, also 50 cents each. I will use the table cloth and brown and white pillow cases. I think I will make linen napkins with the other set of pillow cases.

I also grabbed this watering container for 25 cents. These always come in handy.


Here's another favourite from the week. A vintage waste paper basket I found at Value Village for $4. Our son had a lacrosse practice nearby and I *introduced* my husband to VV on Friday night ;).

Oh, and a couple of frames picked up last weekend. $2 for a large frame still in it's package and $3 for a shadow box.

And finally, my lamps. I saw these guys for $5 each and looked them over. As I was driving away I thought they might work for our bedside tables, if painted. I've been looking for lamps for a while. However, I want something silver or glass, and definitely not want wicker shades, but I haven't been able to find anything I really *love*. Remembering that I have metallic spray paint I turned around and went back to get them.

Here they are after meeting a can of Krylon Brushed Metallic in Aluminum, and with a couple of new shades to top them off before heading to our bedroom. (And here's one more peek of my blue cabinet I recently finished tee hee).

Here's the before again:

And in their new home:

(check out my 50 cent pillow cases!)

I'm pleased with how they turned out, a big improvement over what we had before and these will work great until I can find the perfect lamps. Or, maybe I will just keep them! (Oh, and I told you I had a few books stacked up!) Anyone else have that problem...buying them faster than you can read them?

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  1. Hi Steph
    Your lamp transformation is amazing. And I wonder if your floral {blue} pillowcases are from the 70's ~ they look similar to the ones I had in high school.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Those lamps are stunning! The paint color and shade change totally transforms them. You foudn some good deals this week!

  3. Your lamps are great. Spray paint can fix anything!

  4. Your lamps look completely different painted and with new shades. Great vision!
    Love those turquoise glasses, too!

  5. You sure found some great treasures! I love what you did with the lamps. Those turquoise glasses and the waste basket are my favorites.

  6. Omgosh I wish I had gone sale'n with you. Can't wait for next week! Love everything and those lamps are brilliant. Oh and please don't cut those pillow cases. Eeeek!

  7. excellent finds! I love the brown and white pillow cases, and your lamp revamp turned out beautifully!!!

  8. Wow wow, these are awesome finds!

  9. Great finds and love the transformation of the lamps. As for books, well I got a Kobo for Mother's day, no more stacks of books, but a long bookshelf listing lol