Sunday, July 12, 2009

Christmas in July??????

Those Loonie ladies really are loony!!! On the day I began my much anticipated, long awaited vacation they make us think Christmas??!! In July????

My family and I are vacationing on Vancouver Island and despite bringing some supplies along I will admit, I thought about sitting this one out. But my husband was in the States last week and picked up a Papertrey Ink order I had sent to his brother's house in Utah. That Scarlet Jewel cardstock was calling my name all day so of course I had to play along!

Be sure to visit the crazy, I mean loonie, ladies to see all their wintery Christmas cards. You can start with my dear friend Charlene and link to the other cool creations. Char is a great friend of mine AND a valued co-worker as she is covering for me at work the next two weeks so that I can have this time off. She also introduced me to this hobby/addiction I love so much!

Well, back to the vaca! Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. HI!!!! OH it sounds like you are so relaxed already!! This is going to be a very long 2 weeks without you at work.

    Your card is FABULOUS~~and just think you already have one Christmas card are so on the ball!

  2. Haha I know we are crazy but even I was shocked with Christmas in July! Love your card! Thanks for playing!

  3. You did yours on vacation??? I am here and still haven't done it, yes, I am in trouble with the Loonie's! LOL Great job and enjoy your time off.

  4. holy heck girl....that is FAB!!

  5. if you had new PTI paper calling your name, of course you had to play along!!!!!! hello!!!!! I am so jealous that you own some of the newer colors.....they are all on my wish list :-) Great job on the loonie challenge. i'm going to try to catch up on the ones i missed while I was on vacation...stampless!! :-)