Thursday, July 23, 2009


Well, it's our last night on the Island (boo hoo). We had an incredible two weeks out here and I can't wait to return in October. The weather has been incredible and I will miss the ocean. It's also been wonderful to see all the wildlife around the resort as well.

However, I miss my own wild animal, Akuna, and I am REALLY missing my hubby who was only able to spend the first 6 days out here. It will be good to get home. (I'm slightly missing my craft room too ;)).

Despite packing up and trying to enjoy the last day, I did find some time to make a couple of cards and craft with my nephew, Xavier, who will turn 4 on Monday. Of course I had to help him just a little bit, but the design was all his.

And one last shot of the ocean....the tide is really high tonight and I guess that's fitting as I'm moving on! Thanks so much for visiting me!!

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