Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wedding Card Box, Favours, and Cricut Project #2

Hello out there!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating World Cardmaking Day yesterday. I meant to make some cards but got busy with some other projects. My friend Tracey (Hi Trace!) is getting married next weekend and I offered to do the favours. At the last minute I also decided to make her a wedding card box. A quick google and Etsy image search for inspiration and I was on my way. See this link for my inspiration photo from this amazing Etsy shop.

While this card box isn't as fancy, and I used paper instead of fabric to cover, I do love the way it turned out. And more importantly so do the bride and groom! Best of all, I was able to use all products that I had on hand. Which means it was either meant to be or I have way too much product kicking around my craft room. Ha ha.
Now the favours....

For these I used my Cricut and Bags, Tags, Boxes and More cartridge to cut out both the triangle and the tag. I printed the info on small Avery labels and attached them to the tag. One rhinestone on each to finish it off. Simple stuff. Inside are Hersheys Hugs and Kisses with a little strip of paper reading "Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. and Mrs."

I'm happy with how it all turned out. Now, who's getting married next so I can have some more fun???

Thanks for stopping by. And please forgive my poor photos. It snowed this morning and is very grey and natural light.


  1. OMGosh Steph! These are awesome. YOU are awesome for being such a good friend and making these for Tracey (Hi Trace!..heehee). You guys are going to have so much fun next weekend!

  2. I love it all! I can't wait to make them for Holly's wedding...thank you so much for all the incredible inspiration and ideas!!!!!