Sunday, December 6, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge(s)

There are so many great challenges out there in this blog world but who has time for them all? I am going to try to be more organized and participate in more of and them more often.

The one challenge I do try to always participate in is the Loonie Stampers Challenge, a weekly colour challenge put out by a group of friends, including my friend Charlene. These girls are all inspiring, and I have been playing along for over a year (I think). Unfortunately, I had gotten four weeks behind on the challenges so this weekend I spent some time catching up.

This week's:

I think this is a gorgeous Christmas combo but I am done making Christmas cards so thought I would try something a little different. I was thinking of attaching these tags to some Christmas baking for friends and neighbours. I would have liked to stamp the leaves in Spring Moss but I don't own that colour...yet ;)

Here's last week's:

Love this colour combo. I never seem to have enough birthday cards on hand so used this challenge as an opportunity to make a quick one. Not sure if you can see that the scalloped border is gold.

And finally #66:

I liked the colour map but couldn't seem to get anything going. I don't have any light grey cardstock and got the idea to use a grey copic...but seriously, what was I thinking with grey flowers?? And my sentiment is crooked. This one will NOT be going to a true friend, it won't be going to ANY friend...ha ha.
After the last card I thought I would leave it at that and not even attempt #67, although all the Loonies cards are really something in those colours. I am in absolute AWE of what Char did with that challenge..go see! From Char's blog you can link to the other girls.
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  1. Amazing Steph, these were worth the wait!
    Thanks so much for playing with us!

  2. woah Steph...great stuff..I love when you play along!

  3. Well, weren't you a busy beaver this weekend...snowed in by chance!!! I think I love the tags the best!! But honestly, I don't know! Great stuff girl!

  4. Love them all!!! I really really like the second one!! Thanks for playing they are all great!

  5. wow - look at you go girl!! These are all amazing. I love your tags...a great idea! I too have finished my xmas cards and haven't been in my stamp room for a few weeks!! It is rather depressing but we are so busy with evening concerts, shopping, decorating, and everything else!! I haven't been able to participate with the loonie girls for a long are making me look bad LOL :-)