Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

Well, I had another great day garage sale-ing with my pal Char. We went to a community garage sale near our office and I think we must have visited at least 20 houses. Considering that, I think I was pretty selective and my junk pile isn't too large this week.

My two favourite items of the day are:

The Cocso retro step chair: I wasn't sure about this until Char showed me it folds and suggested it would be good in the garage. SOLD! for $2. I found some ads online for Cosco stools dating back to 1950. I figure this one with the brown has to be from the 1970s.

Vintage Pyrex 2 qt casserole with lid: This was a promotional item that Corelle put out in 1959 and the pattern appears to be called Golden Tulip according to Pyrex Love. This is my first piece with a lid and might just be my fave so far. $2.

Other Misc. items: Ikea magnet board, which I plan to jazz up with some fabric ($1), baton (25 cents), new teeny tiny Tupperware containers ($1), Carafe (50 cents), 4 wood hangers ($1), NIB portable grill ($2), 2 plants pots ($1), 2 metal planters ($2), burlap ($1), cookie jar ($1).

And one other item to show "splurge" of the day. A desk for my nephew Xavier who is turning 5 in July and off to Kindergarten in September. My sister had asked me to keep an eye out for a small desk and this one was perfect at $10. Char and I did see a wood desk of the same size at another sale later in the day for $40.

And here's our future scholar.

OK, that was a loooong post....thanks for stopping in! I'm linking up to Rhoda's TTT and Linda's NTT!


  1. Those are some great vintage finds. He looks like he loves his new desk.

  2. I had so much fun!! I love that desk!! You were selective...compared to me. LOL.

  3. Great finds! I love neighborhood yard sales.

  4. Lots of good finds. Especially the Pyrex.
    Last week I bought 10 wood pant/skirt hangers for a dollar. I was so happy because I needed them! I will post on my porch makeover when I get it finished.

  5. Stephanie:
    Love your blog and what great finds you got this past weekend. Thanks for stopping by my Well Loved Home.
    P.S. The card you made for hubby is awesome!

  6. Absolutely beautiful finds. I'm in love with the school desk. I wish they made those in adult sizes. So practical.

  7. I just saw Char's finds and now yours. Looks like it was a successful day for you too, so sorry I missed it. I told Char next time I'm in for sure! You going next Saturday?

  8. Hi Steph!

    Love the chair and desk! Cutie by looks very retro sitting in it!

    Thank-you for stopping over....I appreciate you!

  9. That is a fantastic desk, who wouldn't want to work there!

  10. Thanks for coming to the party and for the sweet comment. Love that chair and the cookie jar...also that's one great deal on that desk...looks like the student is happy with it too!


  11. Great finds, I love the desk. You should link up to my Twice Owned Tuesday link that is up right now. I am glad that you like my garage.

  12. Dang, you totally scored! I love all the stuff you found!

  13. Oh my goodness, I love the desk!

  14. Awww it's nice to see children excited to study! :) Great find, better than candies!