Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ikea Furniture Redo & Nook Makeover

Our kitchen table and buffet are from Ikea. When I purchased this furniture I thought it would do for a few years until I could get what I really wanted. We were in a new house and what I really wanted at that time was something that matched and was affordable. It is from the Leksvik line and is pine. The table was less than $200 and the buffet was only $99 as I purchased at a damaged box sale. Despite the banged up box it ended up being just fine. The nook has looked like this for many years:

I've never *loved* this furniture (nor has hubby, he hates Ikea) but replacing it has never been a priority. Over the years it has served us fine and I like the glass doors and display shelves. When my friend and fellow thrifter Charlene first suggested I paint the buffet I was totally opposed and didn't think it would be worth the effort. Over time the idea grew on me. I had hung the subway art sign in the nook and really liked the black and white in there. I decided to go for it and started with the table. Although sanding away years of kids handwriting from homework sessions at the kitchen table was a little sad, I was really happy with the end result.

I took a couple days break after finishing the table before starting on the buffet, which took much longer due to the doors, drawers, and shelves. I started the buffet about 2 weeks ago and was happy to see furniture being painted white all over blogland. The only white furniture we have in our house is in my craft room and after priming it was looking REALLY white and I was nervous. I used Pittsburgh Paint Cookie Crumb which is quite creamy, while still 'white' if that makes any sense. I thought about distressing the edges but wanted a modern look despite the shape of the piece. In it's original state it always seemed really traditional looking. I think it is much more transitional in white.

Anyways, I finally finished a little over a week ago and got it back into place. It was *not* love at first sight and I freaked a bit wondering if I had made a big mistake. However, after decorating it and putting my beloved french ovens back in place, I was(and remain)totally SMITTEN. It feels like we got new furniture.

My husband hung a new drum pendant to complete the nook makeover. I debated changing out the chairs but I think their neutral colour balances out the black and white against our maple kitchen. When I look at the before pics I can't believe what a difference painting made. I'm still not sure this set is what I want long term, but I think we'll get at least a few more years out of it yet :)

Although I finished this more than a week ago I'm linking to Primitive & Proper's Piece of Work Wednesday (I didn't get a chance last week). I cannot tell you how helpful Cassie's prepping and priming advice was. The last piece of furniture I painted was my son's baby dresser when I was pregnant (he turned 15 on Sunday!) so was VERY rusty. But trust me, if I can paint furniture ANYONE can.

Another valuable resource was this post on Young House Love.

Thanks so much for peeking and if I've managed to hold the attention of my crafty pals to this point I hope this explains my lack of posting things of a crafty sort lately!


  1. steph, thank you so much for your kind words and shout out! i am glad i helped at least one person! :) the table looks so classic in black, and i love the sideboard in white. i alsways see it in that "antique stain" i think they call it and i can't stand it.... it looks so fresh and chic in white! great job, and thank you so much for linking to my party!

  2. I love how the white piece turned out! You did a great job!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! you know how much i loved the table when i saw it but seeing the buffet finished and back in the room is amazing!! been on kijiji looking for a coffee table to paint and replace our ottoman...thanks for all the wonderful ideas!!!

  4. Stephanie, You nailed it completely. The pendant and the subway art tie the two pieces together and the chairs add the right about of texture. I'll be exploring your blog often!

  5. Great job! Cassie's tutorial is a favourite on my desktop :) Keeping the chairs natural is the right decision, I think. Sometimes we just have to jump in with both feet, huh?

    Nice to see another Canuck blogger :) I lived and grew up in Calgary for a time.....many moons ago.

  6. Wow Steph! It turned out amazing! You are a work horse!

  7. I love what you've done to the sideboard - it looks really fresh with the new coat of paint. I have some of the Leksvik pieces myself and this is some good inspiration for a tired piece...

  8. Fantastic! I love the look,so clean and fresh. You must be so happy!:)