Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Spring has finally sprung and the garage sales are in full swing here in Calgary. Between garage sales and the thrift stores I've found some fun stuff recently and thought I would share.

I picked this up from Goodwill yesterday. At $8 it wasn't the thriftiest find, but I couldn't leave it behind and have already found a home for it.

This frame was a great garage sale find at $1.50. I have a fun project in mind for this.

I'm not sure if I will actually wear this skirt but I picked it up for $2 at a garage sale last weekend.

50 cents for these metal measuring spoons from a yard sale. I can never have enough measuring spoons.

I paid $1 for all three of these Styrofoam pieces. I am thinking of making some funky trees for Christmas decor with the cones.

The cake plate below was $5 at Goodwill and the cloche dome was $1.50 at another thrift store.

And last but not least I found this amazing vintage Pyrex divided dish with lid at a thrift store in Okotoks yesterday for $2.
LOVE it.

 I'm so excited to be linking up to Rhoda's and Linda's Thrifty Parties this week. Thanks for hosting ladies! It's been months since I've participated in a party and I can't wait to see every one's fabulous finds. Thanks for stopping by here!


  1. My favorite of your finds is the Pyrex dish with the cool pattern. I would have bought that in a heart-beat! I have a set of measuring spoons just like the ones that you bought that I found in my grandmother's basement.

  2. It's hard for me to pick which of your treasures is my favorite; they are all neat! Good for you!


  3. Ohhh....maybe it was good we went out on our own cuz I would have fought you for that blue glass dome dish. haha. And I am always looking for a frame just like that but I never ever have luck. I need one for my craft room. hint hint.

  4. I like the skirt, actually! But even if you don't wear it, the fabric looks like it'd be good for projects. Fabric flowers, perhaps? :)

  5. i neeed to go thrifting with you girls!

  6. Great finds - I love the cake stand with the red base :)

  7. Wow! Incredible finds! I love that turquoise cheese keeper cloche! Such a pretty color! Love the pyrex, too - What a steal! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! You found some great treasures. Love the turqoise cake plate and dome, and I love the pyrex. Great pieces. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  9. Cute things! I love blue glass - all shades. Your piece is lovely.
    If you want to show these off a little more, link up to Treasure Hunt Thursday - starts Wed. afternoon.

  10. Love the pyrex dish...I have been picking pyrex up whereever I see some.