Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday I went garage sale-n and to an antique sale with my good friend (and co-conspirator) Char . I am surprised people even HAVE garage sales in October, but of course I'm not complaining. I was on the hunt for Pyrex. It's been weeks since I've found a new piece.

Char greeted me with this little beauty she had found in Edmonton. I think half of my Pyrex collection is from Char. I joke she collects Pyrex too, but that she gives it all to me :).

The day was off to a GREAT start.

No finds at the garage sales but at the antique sale, jackpot. It's been almost 24 hours and I still haven't come down off of my Pyrex high. The sale was amazing, the prices were great, and the condition of the pieces were excellent. I had hit the motherload.

Needless to say, I went a little crazy! At one point I did ask Char if she thought I was out of control. I also had to make a few runs out to the car between vendors, and a trip to an ATM machine for more cash. In all, I bought from 5 different vendors and this is what $103 worth of Pyrex looks like:

The breakdown if you're interested is below. These were not garage sale priced, but they were also not antique store priced. I have never spent over $10 before on a piece of Pyrex, however, I was very happy to pay what I did, especially given the condition of the pieces. And with garage sale season pretty much over it's unlikely I'll be adding much to my collection over the winter.

Bluebird casserole dish with lid $8
Snowflake casserole dish with lid $12.50

Friendship bowl $6 (my favourite pattern)
Butterfly Gold bowl $2

Blue Snowflake casserole with lid $12

Yellow refrigerator dish with lid $15

Pink Gooseberry Cinderella bowl complete set $35. (This was a great deal as the set is valued at $65-$80).

Daisy divided dish with lid $12.50

Thank you for visiting and allowing me to share my Pyrex obsession with you!!

I'm linking to Debbie Doos Garage Salen party (although I might be a bit late to the party!).


  1. WOW that is the mother load. Steph, I would have had no problem paying a little more than garage sale pricing for those. Love the colors, and so many you scored!!~ You go girl. Thanks for joining me this week. Enjoy some others as well. Debbie

  2. lol...YOU asked CHAR if you were out of control...bwahahaha

    totally gorgeous haul!

  3. OMG you got a great bargain!
    I've never seen that pink and white set and I've just fallen in's so beautiful.

  4. Seriously that was the best sale!! I am dieing to score some Jadeite soon! These pieces are all so wicked!

    Oh and to Regan I say....shut it!

  5. Love your Pyrex pieces. I just started a collection my first vintage purchase was the Gooseberry 4 piece bowl set(you got a better deal) and was wondering if they can be put in the dishwasher? I wasn't for sure if it would remove the design. Thanks and I love the cards too!!!

  6. Wow what an amazing collection!

  7. oh wow this is eye candy for sure! great finds and at totally reasonable prices (i rarely luck out and find the $2 pieces)