Thursday, August 20, 2009

Everday Button Bits

Here are a couple of cards I made when I got the Button Bits set. I must say that I am having difficulty doing anything original with this set that I haven't seen on other blogs, but I still love it. And I love, love, love that Scarlet Jewel with my favourite greens.

And here is my husband (not sure what's with the squint) installing new pipes on his motorcycle. I should say installing very LOUD new pipes on his motorcycle. I'm not quite sure what was wrong with the original manufacturer's pipes, but whatever. He has his hobbies, I have mine... ;).

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Your hubby has a bike, I am so jealous!! Do you go with him?? I wish mine did, love them, considering I am a auto adj and see terrible bike accidents, there is just such a rush. I would never drive but be a passenger forever! LUCKY! The cards rock and they need to see yours to case, wicked!