Friday, August 7, 2009

Cricut Project #1

So, how cute is this? I just had to have the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge when I bought my Cricut, yet I have never used it!

I made this little purse for my niece, Codi, who is turning 14 in a few days. She is going to Vegas (lucky girl) with her mom and grandma in a couple of weeks, so I will tuck a little American money in here for her trip as a birthday present. The purse is teeny...3 x 2.5 inches. I used velcro as a fastener underneath the over hang. I would have liked to make it pink and frilly but she is more into the Twilight-vampire scene these days so it had to be black. It took about 15 minutes from start to finish and more fun than simply tucking cash in a card (which I have yet to make).

I`ve decided to challenge myself to use my Cricut more and post the projects I complete. Thanks for checking out the first one!


  1. OMWord this is SO cute. I so thought the C was for "Char" haha. Truly adorable.

  2. wow, this is adorable!! I don't have a Cricut but my friend does....I might have to talk her into buying this cartridge for us to share :-)